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:dunno:My 2004 bmw 320i broke down 2 months ago, I towed it to my mechanic he replaced the fuel pump for me. Everything has been ok. last night I was just sitting at idle and the car softly just stalled out... I tried starting it up it started pressed the gas and it stalled again, it got to the point where whenever I started it back up it only ran for 1 or 2 seconds.

so I had to have it towed back to my mechanic, out of curiosity I started it and it turned right on and was running completly fine. Now I have abs light on handbrake light on and traction control light on, I checked for engine codes as well and this is what I have...

(p1447 tank leakage pump current to high during switching solenoid test )

before I only had a thermosat code that came on once in a while, but it never affected the car in any way. I dont understand whats going on, I cant trust the car to drive anywhere in case it brakes down again and i dont want to pay per hr to have someone look at it at this very time.

Any help would be so appricated thank you people.
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