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I found a piece of timing guide on my oil pan.

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Hello to everybody, yesterday I was changing the oil pan gasket on my e60 550i and I found this piece of timing chain guide on the bottom, the piece it's really really small, does anyone know where the piece actually came from, like which exact part of the guide? I would leave some pictures for you to see. Besides that, the engine runs flawlessly.
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How unusual for an N62! How many miles are on your engine?
It doesn’t really matter where it came from, you should probably replace all of the guides at this point, and install a 90 degree thermostat while you’re at it. That sucks though! These engines usually don’t have timing chain guide issues, unlike the earlier M62s.
The car has 110k miles but the engine runs just fine, I would take the risk and don't do the timing on the short time...

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