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I got my car yesterday

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I'll try posting a pic to see if it works.
I love this car!!!!


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Here's another


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I forgot to give the specs:
Ordered on Feb 12,2002. Arrived April 4, 2002
Orient Blue / Black Top
Natural Brown
Step, PP, SP, NAV
Here's the interior


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very coooool :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
Nice!! Damn you for living in FL... with a 'vert. You better get out there and drive. :D :thumb:
Sweet! Congrats! :thumb: :thumb:
Hey I know that color! :mad: :mad:

Just kidding, it looks awesome! :D And you can run top down all year, you lucky dog!
your car is GORGEOUS! Love that Natural Brown!!!:thumb:
Great color combo! It looks amazing with the top down. :thumb:
Living in Florida does have some advantages. I've been driving all day with the top down, sunny skies, 73 degrees.
Does it get any better than this?..........I don't think so.
What a beautiful car. I ordered my '03 330 Ci on Saturday, scheduled delivery, October 28, SP, PP, Navi, Xenon, Step, PD, Orient Blue, Natural Brown.

It is my first bimmer and I can't wait to drive it away. Thanks for posting the OB, NB color combo, it is the only one I have seen so far, and I LOVE IT.

Sweet car.
Absolutely beautiful color combo. :thumbup: Enjoy and welcome to the club.
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