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I was checking some engine data on the E34 525i and found the following info :

Between 1988-1990 the 525i had 170 hp
Between 1990-1995 it had 192 hp

and then came the E39 523i (2.5 Liter) between 1995-2000 and had 170 hp

In 8/2000 it was renamed to 525 again and has 192 hp again

All the engines were 2.5 Liter. But why did BMW lower the hp on the 523i and raise it again to 192 ?

Does anyone have the engine code for the one which came between 1990-1995 ?

BTW, the E39 came with Vanos first and from 1998 with Double-Vanos.

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Well, there have been a number of 2.5l engines over the years. Most earlier (80s) ones were M20, which was also in most US E30s (including etas which were also M20). I think there was a 2.5l M30, but I think those were in the 70s. Most M30s are 3.0-3.5l, which were used in E34s. The M50 came out around the same time as the E36, meaning early 90s, so that would be the 2.5 in the later E34s.

The M52 introduced VANOS with the introduction of the E39, and the M52TU went to doubleVANOS, and was used in pre-01 E46s.

The US only started getting E39 525s in 01 when the M54 (01+ E46 325) was introduced. All prior E39s were only available in 528 and 540 guise.

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I thought the M52 had no VANOS and the M52TU introduced it? Last I checked, No E36 or E34 had double VANOS. That was an M3 feature.:dunno:

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the M50 engine´s production begin in the e34 (in 1990), later in 1992 this engine adds VANOS (it´s called M52TU). in the e39 the 2.5 is a M54 engine with double vanos (the 2.8 193bhp and 2.5 170bhp are the M52 engines, this is the power to europe y dont know if it´s the seem to USA)
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