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I have encountered a strange problem with my 520d F10 n47 engine.
The story starts here,
One day morning when I tried to start the engine I heard a loud noise and the engine stopped. Then Due to pandemic lockdown my car sat like that for couple of months.
then I called a mechanic and he figured out the battery is dead so he can't diagnose.
Then we replaced the battery with a new one.
At that time the computer was showing fuel supply problem. So he pulled up the rear seat and saw the connector to the fuel pump has blown.
so the car again sat for another two months as the lockdown started again.
after two Months when we connected the fuelbattery dead again, and when we added another battery for jump start saw fuel coming to the injector pipes.
as we tried to crank the engine it cranked but didn't start. So the mechanic disconnected the DDE harness for 10 minutes and reconnected it.
but after reconection the car did not show the malfunction indicator lamp altogether with other lights ( abs, are, etc) but it showed when the other lights went off and showed several failts like abs, transmission, airbags, windshield wipers.
and the scanner says the DDE is not equipped.
after that the mechanic noticed broken timing chain, so he put new timing chain.
then the car started.
now the problem is there car does not detect the DDE sometimes, and detects again after resting for 10-12 hours.
It works fine in the morning after rest But shows the same problem if we park the car for 20-30 minutes during the day. Then we have to leave the car there as it fails to start and again the next morning it works fine. When it starts all fault codes disappear.

This started when the guy opened the harness and reinstalled.

what could be the problem???

all the fuses and relays are good. Is it the battery as I said we installed a new battery but due to lockdown it sat for another 4 months and got discharged.
please share your ideas🙏🙏
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