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Pete Teoh said:
I'm in Orlando, FL for a conference this week... Just got here today and I miss my Bimmer already! I got a Ford Mustang as a rental and thought that it would keep me entertained while I'm away, but this thing is no comparison to my car. Granted this is a base model rental with an auto tranny, but I would have thought it would be more fun than it is. The interior feels cheap... the only part on the 325i's interior that compares to the cheapness is the emergency brake handle.

*Sigh*... I guess this experience will make me appreciate my car more! :D
I think now you understand why I LOVE my cars... Ford cars :thumbdwn: Maybe you'll be lucky next time and they'll give a Taurus or a Grand Marquis... Actually, no wait. Maybe you'll be real lucky next time and they'll give you a Focus. You'll love it... :rolleyes:
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