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First, I have two general suggestions:

1) Caps lock is not your friend.

2) Search is your friend.

With that out of the way, you do not own a particularly simple or common car. Hopefully I'm not jumping to any unreasonable conclusions, but it seems that your ability to self-diagnose the problem is limited (I also wouldn't expect that even a terrific mechanic will be able to point you in even the generally right direction with your description of the problem).

So, to move forward, I would suggest:

1) Find a service center near you with a good reputation. Try searching the bimmerfest dealer feedback section, try google, try yelp. Dealers are typically decent, but you can probably find an independent BMW mechanic that is both cheaper and better.

NOTE: If you want a specific reference from the forum members, you will need to tell us where you are.

2) Go to them, listen to their advice, ask questions. (If they pretend to know what's wrong with your car over the phone, that's NOT a good sign!) Bring a more experienced friend if you're worried about being ripped off. Once you have a good estimate of what needs to be done, let them fix your car.

3) Pick up your repaired vehicle in due time. Be sure to thank your mechanic if they did a great job and charged you a fair price (keeping in mind BMW parts are not cheap).
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