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Alright, so I'm on TireRack looking at wheels and sizes. The following rear wheels come up when I search for a 2003 530i non-sport

ASA AR1 - 19" Offset 20mm Bolt Pattern 5-120
BBS RS-GT - 19" Offset 25mm Bolt Pattern 5-120

From this, would you think that a....

Hartge PG5 - 19" Offset 22mm Bolt Pattern 5-120

....would fit the same car??

I got the Hartge and went to Merchant's Tire to get them put on, and they swear to me that the offset is so big the wheel doesn't make contact with the hub before the back of the wheel hits the car. So I take the wheels home, put them on the car (bolts and everything) and find no problem. The back might be a little close to the car and might rub with a tire, but I don't understand from what TireRack is telling me why these wheels wouldn't fit.


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Did you check your clearances?
Check your BRAKE caliper to make sure it clears.
Turn your wheels to one side.. try backing down a driveway (steep) and see if something drags bad.
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