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i have a 2001 330ci that i got about a month ago i only have one key and it just stop working it wont do anything lock or unlock the doors or trunk or let me start the car i tried to reprogram the key with a post i got on this site but it didnt work post that i got was

key in the ignition on and off 5 times quickly
remove key hold at shifter level
press and hold the unlock button while pushing the lock button 3 times
repeat entire sequence
turn ignition on to finalize

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This worked for my '01 Z3 Coupe with the keyless entry system and no factory alarm. Will probably work for other cars as well but I don't know which ones it would apply to. Sorry for the disclaimer but I take no responsibility if it messes up your car, it does work on mine.

1) Open the driver's door and enter the car.
2) Close the door.
3) Insert the key in the ignition.
4) Turn the key to the 'engine run' position for between 1 and 5 seconds (not more than 5). DO NOT START THE CAR.
5) Turn key to off and remove key.
6) Press and hold the unlock button then press the lock button 3 times and release both buttons. The doors will now lock.
7) Take your next key and repeat step #6. Do this for all your remote keys. The computer can hold up to 4 keys.
8) To end the sequence, open and close the driver's door.

Also, The following are the instructions used for a '97 328:

This is for the stock BMW alarms, don't know if it is applicable for you but here you go....

To teach your alarm system the unique identification code of a replacement alarm remote:

NOTE: Steps 1 through 6 must be performed within 45 seconds.

1) Close all doors, trunk and hood.
2) The alarm must be in 'disarmed' mode and key must be removed from the iginition.
3) Open the trunk and leave it open.
4) Open the driver's door and sit in the seat.
5) Close the driver's door.
6) Cycle the iginition switch 5 times between the OFF position and position #2 (ignition ON position - all dash warning lamps illuminate). The cycling must be done within 10 seconds and do NOT start the car. The red LED will illuminate continuosly and the siren will chirp once indicating the code learning mode has been initiated.
7) Open the driver's door but remain seated.
8) Close the driver's door.
9) Press and release any button on the remote you want to register into the system. The status LED will shut off momentarily to indicate that one ID code has been registered.
10) Repeat steps 7 through 9 to register any additional transmitter codes you wish the system to learn.
11) Open the driver's door and exit the vehicle LEAVING THE DOOR OPEN.
12) Close the trunk.
13) Close the driver's door. The LED will turn off and the siren will chirp twice.
14) Test transmitter to confirm operation.

It is possible for the system to memorize a total of 4 different ID codes. As a new code is learned the oldest code in memory is deleted. To wipe the system of all previous codes simply teach it the code from your current transmitter 4 times.

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Z3 method is NOT the same as for E46s.

The E46s have the unlock and stuff integrated into the key itself, versus it being a fob like the E36/Z3 setup.
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