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I phone 4 s

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Hi Guys need some advise please!
What method of aux cable can I install to my E39 2002 with sat nav system head unit so I can use my i phone to play music as there are lots of options avail on ebay BUT I do not want to loose the use of my 6 disc changer and still want to use that too, your idea's would be much appreciated!
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There's a way to hack the CD changer connection to make your iPhone connection as 1 of the CD. You need to insert a blank CD so the changer keep playing that CD, and the sound will be coming from your iPhone.
Search for "Auxiliary Input"
Does that mean I can play music from my i phone and still my cd changer if we did it this way?
Yes, you can still use the CD changer. The music from your iPhone wil be playing when you select the blank CD in the changer.
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