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i saw and inspected an E90 320i today

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I went to the main dealer to pick up my car today, and there it was: the brand new E90.

It was a 320i model, some light blue colour (nice one) with some 18' alloy wheels and run flat tyres.

Initial impressions:

1. Car looks modern. Not pretty, but more modern. I still cannot find the right word for that.

2. It has lost some of its' "posh"ness compared with the e46.

3. It is bigger than the E46, but I dont think it is more heavy. It looks more "exxagerated" I might say.

4. Doors dont close like how they do with the E46. Forget that "bulletproof sound", when its doors close, they remind me of a japanese car.

5. It really looks abit japanese. I dont know how to describe it, but it looks like a japanese car. But, it cant be right, it has the rondel badge.

Would i buy it?
Definitely not now. Car is bigger, and looks a bit flimsy.
Did the materials quality get worse? i am not really sure, but I think it did.

P.S. The cocpit/interior REALLY SUCKS!!! I mean it does. Really. Horrible.
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elmalloc said:
bullet proof sound? IThe japanese cars sound much nicer when you close the door.

Thena gain, how does that at all factor into a buying decision? HAR!
Well, actually it does account in a buying decision. It accounts as a measurement factor of safety, to alot of people.

I must say, one of the few things I hate about japanese cars is the door closing sound. Another is the designs.

Well, this E90 's doors close like a japanese car. "Chiaang, insdead of "Clang".
Wolfpacker said:
It always seems that the most critical comments on a new model come from those that are uncomfortable with not having the latest greatest thing.

Although I must admit that I am abit sad that "I wont be driving the latest greatest thing anymore" I must say that my judgement has never been distorted by any personal feelings.

I think that on my first post I described the pros- and the cons that I have seen on the E90 after a first face to face contact.

I must say them again i think, in order to make things abit less confusing:

1. car's exterior looks modern. Car looks bigger than the E46, much bigger I must say, especially wider.

2. 18' wheels look nice, but must be a nightmare with those 40 profile run flat tyres, not so in nice smooth road countries like Japan etc, but more in roads like Cyprus. But I think the design of the car makes big wheels mandatory.

3. Interior is really mediocrite. I think that I will doubt the deisign of it. I am not taking about materials here, only the design.
4. Yes the doors have the japanese sound.

Thats all. I hope I can keep you more updated soon.
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1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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