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i saw and inspected an E90 320i today

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I went to the main dealer to pick up my car today, and there it was: the brand new E90.

It was a 320i model, some light blue colour (nice one) with some 18' alloy wheels and run flat tyres.

Initial impressions:

1. Car looks modern. Not pretty, but more modern. I still cannot find the right word for that.

2. It has lost some of its' "posh"ness compared with the e46.

3. It is bigger than the E46, but I dont think it is more heavy. It looks more "exxagerated" I might say.

4. Doors dont close like how they do with the E46. Forget that "bulletproof sound", when its doors close, they remind me of a japanese car.

5. It really looks abit japanese. I dont know how to describe it, but it looks like a japanese car. But, it cant be right, it has the rondel badge.

Would i buy it?
Definitely not now. Car is bigger, and looks a bit flimsy.
Did the materials quality get worse? i am not really sure, but I think it did.

P.S. The cocpit/interior REALLY SUCKS!!! I mean it does. Really. Horrible.
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bullet proof sound? I have yet to sit in a BMW that closes like a japanese (and some american cars) car. You know, the "thump" noise that doesnt sound like you slammed it shut even with the weakest amount of force (AKA BMW's doors). The japanese cars sound much nicer when you close the door.

Thena gain, how does that at all factor into a buying decision? HAR!
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