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I should be working...

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...but I've got an ED coming on 9/4 and keep checking in here...

Upgrading from a 2004 Mazda3 to a 328i (sport line, mineral grey, everest grey, 6MT, ZDH, ZLP, ZPP, ZTP, ZCW).

Flying from SFO to MUC (by way of LHR) on 9/2 with my fiance. Hit up the Welt on 9/4 for a 9:00 pickup.

We'd been planning on doing a Paris dropoff since we'd been planning a vacation out there anyway. But we decided we didn't really have enough days to keep the trip relaxing (we would want to drop off the car as soon as we got to Paris - no way I'm driving through that madness more than necessary) and the weekends were lining up awkwardly. France will have to wait.

So the Paris vacation turned into an Alpine vacation - head down to Garmisch-Partenkirchen (by way of Neuschwanstein despite the scaffolding). Cut through Liechtenstein because, why not? Spend a few nights in Grindelwald and do some hiking and whatever other outdoorsy stuff seems fun. Then we'll head back to Zurich and dropoff and fly back to SFO on 9/10.

Then a long 8-10 weeks before I hop on Amtrak down to Santa Barbara to pick up again from the one and only Jon Shafer.

I'm pretty much on vacation already...
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I'm excited for you! Safe journey! Send us pics!
We're also picking up a 328i on 9/4 (at 9:30) and I cannot seem to concentrate on work.

Our itinerary:
9/3 arrive MUC from BOS
9/4 pick up das auto! :D
9/5-6 Baden-Baden Germany
9/7-8 Lenno Italy
9/9 Trieste Italy
9/10-12 Vienna Austria
9/13 Return to Munich via Salzburg
9/14 Say goodbye to das auto :(

Will we see you on the 11:30 factory tour?
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Wow, that's quite a loop! That should be an awesome trip!

Yep, we're on the 11:30 tour too - it's my first time to the Welt, so I figure we'll try to take it all in.
We have always loved to drive places together. Some of our best vacation memories are driving. So we have 3 long (5+ hour) and 2 shorter (3+ hour) driving days. I'm hoping this route takes us on VERY tame alpine passes but not some of the terrifying ones I've seen here. Our drive on the road to Hana on Maui was unbelievable, but some of those hairpin turns on dirt roads that don't fit two cards were real akole clenchers. I'm truly glad we did the drive, but I don't know if I could do it again knowing now what I have in store...

Anyway, we'll probably meet at the Welt...see you in Germany! (can't really believe I'm typing that)
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