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i still cant get my e30 started help!!!

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Ok so I put it tdc & put on timing & still wont start what can it b???
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Did you also but the head to tdc? Do you hear knocking when you try an turn it over? Did you mess with the distributor?

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Yea I did & yea but my rotor that spins inside the distributor is kinda wasted but see when I first got the car I drove it to my house & it would start right away but I'm guessing that could b it huh???
Most likely i would say go get a new rotor an cap if you think you broke it

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Yea ima go do that tomorrow by the way by any chance do u knw the firing order on it??
I take it that your e30 in a 6 cylinder

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Can you provide a little more information?

We would all love to help but, we don't really have a ton of info on what has been done.

With what I am reading.. I would absolutely replace cap and rotor 1st (since you are going to have to do it anyway).

As a side note.. recheck your timing marks. The 1st time I ever did one I was actually a tooth off because I used the timing mark on the case and not the block.

Good Luck.
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