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I saw something like that before, I like least for the folks on the bbs. I was kicking around having a hat made with "In-D-Haus" on it figuring that people might come up and say "hi".

I will be wearing my BMW CCA, Puget Sound region tee shirt, don't think there will be another at the 'fest.

If ya see a guy in a tee that has the space needle on it, it's me!

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Jon.. and one more request -- if you are able to do this: How about you give us a tally of the number of people coming and how many cars have registered for bimmerfest. Perhaps you could do this each Friday for the next 3 Fridays?

Last I heard, there were something like 234 cars registered and more than 700 people confirmed. What do the numbers look like today?

Thanks, Jon.
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