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I think i am allergic to Dell Computers

Woman claims she's allergic to Pentiums

But not to 486s

By Mike Magee: Wednesday 07 August 2002, 08:35

A DUTCH WOMAN who claims she is allergic to Intel Pentium processors is continuing to fight for compensation.
The woman has filed a lawsuit against the Ministry of Economics in the Netherlands, and, apparently against Intel too, claiming that the processor gives off particular radiations which cause her to break out in hives.

She didn't have any problems with the 486 processor, apparently, but is claiming that high frequency radiations from the Pentium is making her sick.

The woman appears to have been discharged for medical reasons but so far claims that those problems are down to the Pentium appear to have been rejected by tribunals.

The article doesn't say whether the Ministry uses AMD or C3 X86 processors, so it's hard to determine whether these might cause allergies too.

We are currently in day seven of the annual silly season called August.
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