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I think I broke my Drivers Seat!!

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Well, I removed the foam from behind my drivers seat a few months back. I'm 6'1 and the extra recline felt great for me. ANyway, about a week ago, I was readjusting my seat...powered the seat forward reclined the seat all the way back...powered the seat all the way back.

So Im sitting at a stop light, and decide to reach from a cd in my passenger footwell when the back of my seat springs forward about two inches. Strange I think, so I recline the seat back again, and as soon as I take my weight off the seat, the back moves forward again.

The seat back is not moving all the way vertical, but basically back to the stock position with the seat all the way back on the rails and with the foam under the carpet. Very strange....has anyone ever had this happen to them? I didnt hear anything snap or break. The car is still under warranty, so maybe the dealer could fix it. I just hope they dont say anything about the foam missing!

I have never taken a seat apart to see how reclining mechanism work, but think maybe something bent out of place? If anyone can help, please let me know, as this is driving me crazy!!
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I pulled my foam out 6 months ago, no problems that I know of.

guess I should move by seat
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