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I'd have to say, eventhough I don't HATE the drive by wire on the 330/325s I like my semi-mechanical throttle so much better. It's something I think I can learn to live with, but the drive by wire throttle has too much free play in it, too light, and feels "digital"...there are definate "steps" in the throttle that makes it harder to modulate.

That was the first thing I noticed when I drove my friend's E46 M3. No lag, but there are these subtle little steps that the throttle wants to settle into. Very annoying at first. Same thing on the track when I was driving Raffi's 330Ci, there's that initial lightness and then all of a sudden it's got more resistence. My instructor had to CONSTANTLY remind me not to mash the pedals and be smooth.

It all comes down to how well and how quickly you get adjusted to it. It took me a few hours to adjust to my friend's E46 M3's pedal but I think I can live with it.

Again, I would still prefer the semi-mechanical design of the older E46es. And if we're not given a choice (all new BMWs will be on DBW, mark my words) I think I won't have a problem with it like TD.

But that lag is definatly programmable. There is no such lag in the M3.
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