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TD said:

Although I suspect he may need treatment soon as he's obviously hitting the LSD pretty hard.
I think it is the lack of an LSD that is Nate's real problem. :D

As for the DBW throttle, I think it's low on the list of things that make the E46 less fun than an E36. The clutch feel on the otherhand :banghead: I still f up a shift or two everytime I drive the damn car. It's so frustrating since I've driven manual tranny cars since my Drivers Ed days and I've never before had any problems with smoothness and crisp shifting in manuals :dunno:

I noticed the E46's extra weight the other day when I was driving spiritedly on some very hilly roads as well. I very much noticed the extra inertia being carried by the car as I crested the hill, and the car lifted off the pavement unsettlingly compared to the old E36...

ACK said:

Can the DBW cause a mild "rocking" feeling when accelerating in first gear? I notice this happens sometimes with my car. I shift, step on the gas and the car feels like it rocking or jerky up until I take my foot off the gas and re-apply it.
I do this too on ocassion. Not sure what causes it, but I think it occurs because you launch at too low an RPM and when you floor it the engine doesn't have the torque to rev up as quickly as the inputted fuel flow (toally pulled that out of my ass...)
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