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I was looking at Autotrader tonight and

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there are 11 pages of 2001 330Cis for sell. Not good. :thumbdwn: I wonder why the market is flooded with so many? 'Buick' light steering?
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Locally, its from everyone taking delivery of their year-awaited M3s.
lease returns? people buying more than they could really afford (these cars were probably ordered before the economy cooled off)?
My salesmans 07/01 Steel Gray/Gray 330i, Step, SP and PP demo is still sitting on the lot. It's been there for at least 2 months. I'd seriously be interested in it if it had xenons. I'm spoiled now that I've had them for almost 2 years.
what about sedans?
Dave 330i said:
same, 11 pages, but actually there aren't that many cars. Lots of dealer cars.

I do believe guys looking for BMW prefer a new car since there are more incentives than with one year old used car. The savings if any, is probably not worth it to the buyers.
well, I was going to speculate that there might be more used coupes then sedans because a coupe buyer might be a little younger and not really ably to afford the car as much as originally though or the pressure to sell the car and buy a house might be increasing. compare this to a sedan buyer who is likely already established, a little older and has a house.
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