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I will probably have to replace the Potenza S-03s well before...

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10K miles...well, the rears for sure

They are going pretty fast...

New tread depth: 10/32

current, after 3500 miles:

RF: 7/32, LF: 7/32, RR: 6/32, LR: 5/32

Near exclusive city driving and auto-x have taken a toll on them. Next weeks driver's ed should take some more off :eek:

oh, well. Lots of fun! :thumb:
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I need to kill my tires.
They're so damned mushy, it's driving me nuts.
I've been thinking about "accelerating" their wear with an orbital sander...

:D :D :D
Hmm. In 9000 miles, I'm down to 5/32nds (from 10/32nds) all around. I only have 3/32nds to the wear bars. *g* I'm awfully tempted.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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