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i5 Pre-order challenges

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Anyone have any success pre-ordering the new i5? I've tried four times now with different credit cards and still no luck. Talked to my local dealer and they asked me to fill out a credit card authorization (fine) so they could process it and get me in the order queue. I called again to check in and see if they had success and was told that the website was broken but is now fixed and I have to go through the website.

Tried again ... and ... still having the same issues. Any dealers or advisors have any success with the i5? Or is it just me?

Any ideas? I may try a different dealer at this point and see if that works.
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Are you unable to just go to the dealer and do this? Usually they will be able to get you in EPOCH (or whatever they call it) and you pay them a down payment. Once they have a production slot you will be moved into this. You also have to pick your options and work on pricing to buy/lease. I do not think BMW is permitted to sell online like Tesla can.
I did mine on line. No problems.
Did not even try to get a discount by ordering at the dealer? I’m confused why anyone pays MSRP up front. I got $2000 off my X6 M60i just by asking. Not to mention the employee discount on top of that….
I didn’t agree to any price. When the time comes to order can negotiate then or refund my deposit.
I was able to place my order on Bmwusa website I placed the order on wed 5/24 at 8:45 am EST my order number 9311 do these numbers have any meaning I doubt 9310 orders were placed in the first 15 min of ordering
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