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Hi all,
I was running some diagnostics with INPA and found out that my IBS has logged several errors in IBS Fehler Download Checksum and EEPROM and RAM Diagnose as per screenshot.

Being connected to EEProm and RAM diagnostics it appears to be an indication of a faulty/buggy IBS. I do occasionally find my clock reset which is why I replaced the battery (also because voltage was always around 12.1). I suspect due to the IBS the 30A switch is tripped killing power to the clock (this is logged). Alternator charges and with running engine the voltage is around 14.5-14.8 peaks as per my arduino battery voltage logger. I must admit that driving it every day this problem did not appear (I even hooked up a charger to the battery to top it off) however after not using it for over 7 days and not driving often (motorbike is handier in the city) time does reset and sometimes I get invalid cluster shutdown.
Additionally I noticed that it did not register my newly replaced battery which I registered using Carly. In the IBS diag it should show the battery register date but it doesn't. The battery is the same size and type (71Ah AGM) as the old so not much of a problem but wanted to reset the statistics. When I try to run the "Batterie Taushcer" I get an error saying it is not valid in the current operating mode or similar. Anyone know what this could be caused by? I tried with engine off and key ON.

Thanks in advance for any heads up!


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