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IceLink and Bluetooth, no audio from phone

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I just installed the bluetooth kit for my cell phone and I can not here the audio from it. I thought it might be the SES Voice Jumper. Turns out the audio does not work with the iceLink installed. Once I remove the iceLink, wiring harness and all, the phone audio now works. The audio will not even work with just the iceLink removed and the wiring harness in place. I thought it might be the firmware on the iceLink but it appears it may be the harness itself. Has anyone come across this before?
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I have the same problem

I have exactly the same problem...

I've got bluetooth and tried on mine to remove the black connector from the original block and relocate to the ice link block on the rear of the radio but it's position is of course occupied by the white connector...

I *think* the answer is that you can't have Bluetooth and ICE Link together on the Business Radio ...

Would love to know whether it's possible - the car is in the drive with the trim and radio off!

I called Tom at EAS and he helped me out. I simply moved the black connector and inserted it into the quadlock beside the white one. Worked like a charm!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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