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ideas on wheel wax/protectant?

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i've tried lots of things, including the "whee wax" sold by tirerack.

just thought i would see what everyone else has tried with success

wheels i could care less about shine, but i'm looking for durability: heat, plus brake dust are evil to the finish.

so....i'm thinking something polymer based then?
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thanks, rip.

so, what are you using on your wheels, then?



so your zymol is relegated to wheels now because other stuff is better for the paint, huh?
that's what i figured, rip!

i really like the p21S, too.

zymol is so darn user-unfriendly.
3M show wax?

i got that stuff.

okay, i'll try that stuff.

i like it. i completely forgot i have that stuff since i've been using p21s.
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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