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ideas on wheel wax/protectant?

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i've tried lots of things, including the "whee wax" sold by tirerack.

just thought i would see what everyone else has tried with success

wheels i could care less about shine, but i'm looking for durability: heat, plus brake dust are evil to the finish.

so....i'm thinking something polymer based then?
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I'd go with polymer for both finish and wheels if:
A) your car sits outside (not garaged)
B) you have a full extreme 4 seasons (Lots of snow in the winter time)

Polymers are suppose to last longer (and my tests show they do). I still prefer carnauba's though because I don't mind throwing another coat of wax on after 3 months, and you can apply another coat within a few hours after the first.

I waxed my wheels in Oct with a carnauba-based wax and by dec. the wax was basically gone.
Nothing at the moment. This spring I'll put some Zymol I have left over on them.
Re: zymol!?!?!?

blackdawg said:

so your zymol is relegated to wheels now because other stuff is better for the paint, huh?
Hehe, well lets just say I prefer the results of P21S Carnauba on my paint finish to that of Zymol. :)
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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