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Hello Folks,

Need a little help trying to diagnose my 525i 2007 N52 approx. 109k miles. These are the characteristics to my engine idle problem:

- rough idle only when first started for the day, jumped between 500 and 800.
- Happens when AC is on or car placed in gear.
- when AC is on, a vibrating/humming noise exists. This noise is faint and can only hear if AC is on low.

ok so there it is. Now please know that I'm no mechanic nor savvy with cars, but my frustration stems from one the dealer ripping me off with these repairs; cleaned MAF, changed spark plugs, new air filter, changed trans/engine fluids, new Vanos, new coils and two "no codes" showing so they can't fix the idle problem. Any one experience this issue before? How do I resolve this?

please click on the link for a video of my idle problem. any help with this will be appreciated.
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