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Gentlemen and Ladies,

I have searched extensively on-line for an answer to this question, including the owner's manual, and did not find an to me 2007 328xi with 8,200 miles (not a typo), build date is 11/2006, highly unlikely that it has ever had software updates, and having an issue with iDrive controller only using Satellite Radio. Dial turns normally and works for all functions EXCEPT when selecting channels in the satellite radio channel list - essentially, when needing to "page up or down" beyond the list of 6 or so channels presented, the iDrive controller is very hard to turn, essentially fights back against turning as if there are no additional channels to choose. The arrow is visible at the top and bottom of the list and forcing the controller to turn does present the additional channels however it feels like I am going to break the controller in doing so.

Is there something else I should be doing to "page up or down"? Anyone ever had this issue and if so does a fix exist?

Thanks in advance,

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