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Hello to all F10 owners.

1. Rain or aggressive wash
2. Next time the car is turned on
3. Idrive shows that the Passenger Restraint System is malfunctioning
4. Idrive asks for an "OK"
5. Will _not_ take the OK when pressed
6. A few seconds later the TPM system is complaining, suggesting that I 'proceed with caution'
7. Next, the Idrive screen goes blank
8. Every few seconds the Idrive Screen 'blinks' (seems like a re-boot flash)
9. The car operates fine, though the cooling fan (radiator) is running full speed all of the time.
9. If I wait 24 hours, the system returns to normal - no complaints as to errors.

Found some water in the "battery well", not a a great deal but there are the tell-tail high water marks in the compartment.

There are many boxes in the well, one has the cable harness touching (poor execution on harness placement, sigh) where the water is entering (seems the water is traveling down the sides of the trunk and entering on the starboard side of the car.

Has anyone else had this wonderful experience?

Also, does anyone have a map of the devices that are located within the battery-well?

Many Thanks in advance.

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The battery well is in the trunk right? Some people have spilled liquids in the trunk and caused 1000's of $$ of damage. You should get it checked immediately to find the source of the leaking water. Any damage to components would most likely not be covered by warranty (IIRC from the other person(s)).
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