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Comin' here desperately looking for some opinions and possibly an easier link to a fix for it before I go to my appointment with a mechanic later this week.

Basically what happened was I left my headlights on over night and of course that killed my battery. I jump started it and everything was just fine on my way to work that morning. However, when I got back to my car after work when I started it the iDrive showed the BMW logo and went black. It then constantly tries to restart until it eventually does and works completely fine until I turn off the car and everything shuts down and the process repeats.

The only thing thats really throwing me off is that sometimes I can get it to start up by messing with ejecting the disc or it starts up on its own sometimes and works exactly how it should like nothing was ever wrong with it. Everything else with the unit works fine, ejecting disc, reading them and all. It almost just seems like it's struggling to get power but even if I fully charge the battery it still does it. Of course I've searched around a lot and I've read things from it crashing from throwing a line of code to something burning inside the unit somewhere.

Some people have said that if you're getting the constant reboot sequence that you might have to get the whole thing replaced (thats also what the stealership told me without even thinking about it) but part of me feels like that shouldn't be necessary since it does start sometimes and works perfectly.

The process it does when trying to start up is it'll show the BMW splash screen and after 30 seconds it'll shut down and try to start again. I hear it reading the nav disc and the music disc and while its going through it's 30 second process I can eject the disc and everything. So that whole area works fine. How I would force it to work is by constantly ejecting and inserting the nav/music disc and that would usually get it to work.

I'm just not sure if it's a simple problem with the CCC like updating the software or an issue with the battery. I've chopped it down to maybe being the battery it throwing some code and crashing upon start up. It just confuses me with how perfectly it works when it does want to work ): Hopefully you guys can give me some feedback so I don't have to spend hundreds on labor hours and then whatever the actual fix is be it simple or a whole new unit. The whole issue has seriously deteriorated the love for my car. Don't know what ya have until you don't have it )':
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