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If you have any complaints against Mckenna...(m)

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Call BMWNA @ 1-800-831-1117

They answer the phone immediately and are extremely helpful in giving advice on how to deal with Mckenna. They spent 30 minutes on the phone with me trying to figure out why Mckenna blacked out the production number and the dealer code and also why Mckenna repeatedly refused to give me a production number. The representative consistently agreed that Mckenna's excuse for the production number such as "identity theft" or "other dealers can steal their production slot from them" were totally an unacceptable fabrication and that I SHOULD file a complaint against Mckenna. Can you believe it? The representative strongly supported that I file the complaint and not let any of it go!

If you or anyone you know has any grievances towards Mckenna, PLEASE go out of your way and take that 5 minutes to file a complaint against them. BMWNA deserves to know the unprofessional conduct that Mckenna is practicing which is defacing the BMW reputation as a whole.

If enough complaints are filed against Mckenna, BMWNA will definitely take action and decrease their production slots and end of the year bonuses, therefore they will not be able to screw as many people over as they are currently.

Remember the december fiasco with the crime tape?

Remember the CPO on demo cars fiasco?

Thanks for everyone's support.


If you have further questions or need details on my situation, I would be more than grateful to help. Just e-mail me. I don't bite.
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Just bought a 330i from McKenna...

I just purchased a 2003 330i from McKenna and I do have some grievance. I did my research online called and finally negotiated a reasonable deal with Richard, the Director of Certified sales. When I arrived that evening, Richard was no where to be seen. I told him I would be there and he wasn't even there to close the deal. One of the sales guys, Jody and the Finance guy, Jesse closed up with me. I quickly inspected the vehicle and drove it home. Once home I realized that the 2nd set of keys didn't work. I also noticed a 5 inch scratch along the back bumper and some on other areas of the car. I took the car back for buffing and detailing. When I got it back it was quickly washed but not "detailed". The interior of the car wasn't even touched. I have been instructed to come back. I'll post the results after I go back one more time.

On a seperate note, where can I get some clear corners and my body moldings painted? Any suggestions? I live in Fullerton, California and would prefer quality local places. Any suggestions however would be appreciated.

Write me an email at [email protected]

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Follow up to my initial experience with McKenna..... I went back several times... 4 times total to be exact and each time was a dreadful waste of my time. Let's go over some details.
1. I purchased a car after having been told of it's immaculate condition only to find out after purchase that it had a lot of cosmetic damage including a mismatched set of headlamps (one was black casing and the other titanium!) Not to mention the numerous dings and scratches all over the outside of the car.
2. Upon one of my visits, I had to wait over 3 hours before someone helped me! Even asking some of the passing sales people didn't do anything. They weren't interested in helping at all because there was no commission in it for them. In their defense maybe they just didn't know how to help? Even so, that's ridiculous.
3. I finally got the mismatched headlamps color coordinated (after 3 days with their service department promissing me every day that it would be done) but the corner blinkers are still mismatched! How the heck could they overlook something like that even though I didn't specifically ask about the blinkers? I mean, do they know WTF they're doing or don't they????

I'm pretty irrate and plan on giving them a very poor rating when I get the follow up customer service call from BMW.
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