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If you have any complaints against Mckenna...(m)

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Call BMWNA @ 1-800-831-1117

They answer the phone immediately and are extremely helpful in giving advice on how to deal with Mckenna. They spent 30 minutes on the phone with me trying to figure out why Mckenna blacked out the production number and the dealer code and also why Mckenna repeatedly refused to give me a production number. The representative consistently agreed that Mckenna's excuse for the production number such as "identity theft" or "other dealers can steal their production slot from them" were totally an unacceptable fabrication and that I SHOULD file a complaint against Mckenna. Can you believe it? The representative strongly supported that I file the complaint and not let any of it go!

If you or anyone you know has any grievances towards Mckenna, PLEASE go out of your way and take that 5 minutes to file a complaint against them. BMWNA deserves to know the unprofessional conduct that Mckenna is practicing which is defacing the BMW reputation as a whole.

If enough complaints are filed against Mckenna, BMWNA will definitely take action and decrease their production slots and end of the year bonuses, therefore they will not be able to screw as many people over as they are currently.

Remember the december fiasco with the crime tape?

Remember the CPO on demo cars fiasco?

Thanks for everyone's support.


If you have further questions or need details on my situation, I would be more than grateful to help. Just e-mail me. I don't bite.
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