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Ignition is stuck, will not turn

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My ignition is stuck and will not turn. How do I get it freed up?
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Is the key stuck in it? Or will it just not turn far enough to start the car? Try turning the steering wheel once the key is in the ignition and turned clockwise. You may have to use a little force on the steering wheel.
key isn't stuck, just will not turn; tried turning wheel, but it won't move.
roll it!

If it;s a manual, put it in neutral and roll it back and forth, make sure the front wheels aren't touching the curb. It ought to free up.
My Z4 does this sometime if I turn the wheel all the way left or right. I have to grab the steering wheel and turn real hard in the direction of the front wheels while turning the key and that always works for me. Good luck !
This is the same key you normally use right? not a new key.
Yes, It is my normal key.
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