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illuminated paddel shifters

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Hi. I have installed the paddel shifters with the "+" and "-" with light. I was thinking about to make a "bridge" and connect them to the steering wheel buttons....but the dealer told me that the paddel lights are leds they go on 5v....and the steering wheel light goes on 12v and it will not work.....What can i do?....Any idea....Thanks...
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The best way to do this is with a voltage regulator. It's a $0.50 part that looks like a large transistor.

Google for instructions on how to use one, it is not that difficult. Someone probably sells one setup with the resistor you need to do 12v in and 5v out.
Thanks Yorgi....
I was on my iPhone when I posted. Found a few regulators that do exactly what you need.

eBay Step Down Buck Converter for $6

There are many of these available on eBay. You probably don't need the heatsinked version since the LEDs will be low current draw. They make even smaller versions but the ones on eBay by CPT seem to be the most common.

Here is the same CPT unit with a heatsink on it for $16 at DealExtreme.

Another source.
Thanks Yorgi....I will buy it from ebay and then i will look for somebody to install it. The only thing i hope is the converter can be installed behind the steering wheel buttons...there is no much space there...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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