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I'm looking for a great deal on a 2007 or 2008 BMW 328i or 335i Sedan
Minimum Requirements:
Exterior: Black
Interior: Black
Still Under Factory Warranty
Steptronic Automatic Transmission
My financing is all set and I'm ready to purchase now.

Also not sure if you can help on this but I almost purchased a car Saturday from in Atlanta. But when I pulled the Car Fax it had an accident. I have NO interest in a wrecked or bad car fax/autocheck car. I was just curious on how much they purchased this wreck car for at Manheim in Orlando? They never mentioned the wreck until I asked for the car fax. It was VIN: WBAVA33567KX78391 Sold at Orlando Auction 6/14/2010

Can you tell me your fees and shipping cost to Atlanta?
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