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I'm new, need some help - ~$15,000, what to get:

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Here is the deal.

I want a new car (BMW, why else would I be here) and I have ~$15,000 to spend. What should I get? Most importantly, WHAT SHOULD I AVOID?

2 door is OK
NO convertable
Manuel tranny

Beyond that, I don't care.

This will be posted in the 3 and 5 Series forum, as I would consider both.
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I wonder what a high mileage 318 would cost did you check for some options to give you a ballpark?
Lots of options but none of them are close...

check these out
Actually, if you are going to look at,, or etc. Look at a 500 mile radius of 94518. I will go anywhere in California, Oregon, Nevada (me), Utah, Arizona, etc.

There is so much good stuff in LA for a ****le, so I will go their is needed.

:banghead: I like <-- smiley!
Buy yourself some beater for $10k and a 50" Plasma TV for the other $5k! :thumbup:
You should be able to get a nice '93-'95 325i for that... A friend of mine found a '93 325i in great shape with 68K for 9K. It was white with a grey interior, though... It looks like there are some 525s available, too.
He can still get a 325i for that! :D
JPinTO said:
Buy yourself some beater for $10k and a 50" Plasma TV for the other $5k! :thumbup:
Problem Solved! :D
Nick325xiT 5spd said:

He can still get a 325i for that! :D
No, I am a speaker guy. JBL and Klipsch for me. I am young and poor, this will be car loan and paid off slowly. I can afford insurance through a nice, but legal loophole, so I can buy anything.

:flipoff: he, he, he
Unless you have an obsession to have the car fully paided off during purchase, why not just finance, lease, or do owner's choice.

My preference is on owner's choice. Keep $10K of your money, get a 02 or 03 probably, and have a monthly payment under $500.
you should be able to pick up a 328is 5 spd for that kinda dough, I did and love it :D

Mine was a bit higher in dollars cause of the mileage and condition but there were options for around $15k I think if I woulda bargained a bit.

Or finance half and take some cash to the shop for a lil xtra hp...
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