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Im pissed of at my BMW DEALER !! I need to contact BMWNA customer Service

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Im Pissed Off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Okay well i dropped off my car at my bmw dealer to get my steering column fixed.
and a couple of hours later they call me so i go back there to pick up my car. My car was all nice and shiney and everything looked fine, so i left to get some food on the way back to work. It wasnt even a mile away from the dealership.
When i came out i noticed my front. It looked weird for some reason, so i ran my hand under the addon and noticed that they scraped the WHOLE Thing on the ground. It lost it's roundness and on top of that the paint is cracked and starting to chip. So i drive back there mad only to find out that my service advisor is out to lunch. they look over the car and told me to come back or give them a call when they he gets back. AHHHHHH makes me not want my car anymore because of what people do to it. *sigh*

They should be held liable to fix it right?
or at least repaint my front addon.. i didnt pay money for nothing just for someone to mess up the paint.
---------After i went over there:----------
I just came back from there and my service advisor is totally cool, He tells me that he walked around the car and it was perfectly fine when it came it. i just have to talk to the service manager about it. Well.. i talked to the service manager and he said to me " lets make a deal, i'll work with you and you work with me. Whos to say that you didnt do it when you left the lot, and whos to say that we didnt do it." Blah blah Blah...
So now they want to split the cost of it 50/50. :thumbdwn: :thumbdwn: :thumbdwn: :thumbdwn: I really dont think that is right because my car was under there care and they were aware how low it is. I Know how to drive my car, obviously someone that doenst know the car can easily scrape the front by driving normal. On top of that !!!!!!!! my steering wheel column cover isnt put back properly. If they would pay attention to detail then i would be satisfied with everything....

Sorry i just need to vent :(

This was at John Roberts BMW for those in the DFW area.

[email protected]
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1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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