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As you may know from the June's Fastrack it has been but up for discussion the possibility of re classing a number of cars among them the S54 MCoupe. The proposal was to move the Coupe from Super Stock to A Stock. I presume this would mean moving the m52 Coupe to B stock. Clearly this is a tremendous opportunity for our cars (particularly the S54s) to become very very competitive on a National level. I urge all interested parties to get in touch with the SCCA as soon as possible to voice approval of this reclassment. It should be an easy case to make that SS is a Z06 only class and that our cars have no chance whatsoever to be competitive there (not at your local event but on the Tour or in Kansas). After all how can we compete with a machine with height adjustable suspension with front tires wider than our rears, more power and less weight?

In all our interest I urge you to act now!

This applies to e-46 M3 as well
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