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Hi there guys!

I'm living in Germany, near the Nurburgring in the Eifel.

Have been here a few months and now call this awesome place my home!

I have an F11 2014 and a massive barn that I will be setting up as a workshop to work on my BM. The only problem is, I have no idea where to buy parts and tools at a reasonable price here. Back home (Australia) I knew where to go, what parts to get etc as I used to work in the industry and, well, everything is in English! I speak a little german but it's not good enough to find the good deals on parts and stuff.

Importing from OS seems to be a PITA as ZOLL keeps opening up my **** and then charging me tax or just generally making it hard for me to get my stuff!

There's a guy that's always seeking great tools pretty cheap whenever there's a race or event on at the ring but I don't know if he has a store.

Anyway, anyone here can help? I'm after stuff like:

Brake pads and discs, sensors etc
Oils and all filters
Other parts as required for repairs and servicing

Oh and winter wheels!!! I need a set.... WINTER IS COMING!!

Plus I'm always keen to try and say Gday if anyones out at the ring! There's a great spot for a beer there.

Thanks for any help Guys!!!

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