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in praise of higher clutch stops

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I got my UUC Big Boy clutch stop in the mail yesterday, and it's pretty great. I was worried it wouldn't work with my 2002 330i (they say in the documentation that it doesn't work with E46's), but the car starts just fine in the lowest position. Your mileage may vary.

I wasn't so interested in the performance aspect of the clutch stop, though that's always nice; but what I do love is that it finally evens out the travel in all three pedals, which means I can put my seat all the way back without straining my left leg to hit the clutch, which means... I finally have enough room for my right leg to rest without getting pinched by the transmission hump. Yay!

Anyway, if you're a tall guy or gal, and you drive a manual, and you can't put the seat back as much as you want, try a clutch stop and see if that helps.
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I also just installed my UUC clutch stop (got it today), and I'd have to agree that it feels like I could move the seat back a couple of notches. I'm 6'2", so it'll be nice to have the extra room.

The clutch stop is excellent. Man, I can't believe how different it feels from stock. Although, I guess I'm not quite used to it yet, as I stalled the car once while creeping in traffic. I also had to adjust it to the lowest setting so I could start the car, but it's still a significant improvement.

This is something I need to get as soon as I get my lazy butt to get to do some work...

LIL Raja
I had my Clutch stop for 7 month now, and yes, it is a great item. I had to cut the thread down so I can get a little longer travel for better shift/engagment.

I cannot do with out it now.

"note do take it off when going into dealer for service, incase they give you problems."
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