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Hi all. I own a beemer e36 - 320i in Phnom Penh, Cambodia! My estimate is that there are approx 10 of these cars in Phnom Penh, a city with about 2 milion citizens... The car has many issues, the mechanical issues I can get fixed here (spare parts from Singapore). However, for electronics related issues I have no clue where to start. Since it is quite a nice feeling to have such a rare car (locally speaking), I do definitely not want to trade it in for something else such as the popular Toyota here. For the records, more than 50% of all cars here are Toyota, and most of them imported Camry's. Because of the Toyota monopoly, and on the other hand an absolute lack of BMW knowledgable shops (especially when it comes to electronics) I am hoping to get some insight through this forum (which has been a great help with other issues already, thanks!).

Here are the issues:

-The car starts 9 out of 10 times perfect. But when it fails, I am under the impression it is when one of the doors is not fully closed and/or when the central locking system was used prior to starting the car with the door open????????? The problems I face are so strange (well, to me as a none-techie at least) that I feel it is nessary to mention it is a 4 door model... I am nearly sure this is not a mechanical issue since the car starts very smooth when this problem does not reveal itself.
-When turning the hazard light swith on, it will fail to go off. Ever. Until the battery is drained. I had to take out the complete hazard switch unit in order to shut it off. When putting the unit back in, it stays of.
-Every two weeks or so the indicator lights fail to work completely. Even the "ticking" sound that you are supposed to hear has disappeared. When this happens, it nearly always starts to work again within a few hours up to max a day. There are usually symptoms that this issue is about to happen: prior to the indicators failing completely, when actually using the indicators while making a turn, they start flashing at irregular intervals (both very slow and fast).
-When the car is parked and the start key has been switched into first position (car electronics on, but engine not started), with the door unlocked and then opening the door, the following will happen: all indicator lights start flashing totally random, with intervals ranging from very slow to extremely quick. When I lock the car it may give a few last blinks, but now with normal intervals and then it goes off completely so things are the way it should be again.
-There have been working Cambodian technicians on the car before I bought and I am 99% sure that have done some "trial and error" fixes. It is quite possible they messed with the wiring as well, but I am not technically skilled enough to tell for sure.

Hoping to get some insight into this. Thanks in advance!

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-There have been working Cambodian technicians on the car before I bought QUOTE]
Theres your problem.
They just keep removing wires and controls until the car runs.
I would also be the car been run on leaded fuel too and the cat is shot.

Like on the other post you just posted on It maybe the alarm.

I can think of any place there that could work on BMW's all will give it a good try but most they are guessing.. I would look for wires cut or by passed and try to put it all back to stock.

Any way good luck with it.
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