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Individual stuff with M sport

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Individual colors aren't available with the M sport package, right? Well that's not what the 535i configurator is showing. Select the M sport package on the 535i and it lets you choose individual exterior colors and interior trim. It also charges only $1800 for individual colors instead of adding an extra $550 for metallic paint as well.

Does anybody else think Champagne Quartz looks good with M sport?

This could be a mistake. But I sure would like to have this color with the M sport package.
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I love the color but I would probably prefer the alum. satin trim and grill/tips to match. The shadow line doesn't work and mutes the color in my opinion.
Would be awesome if you could do all this in m-sport, however.:thumbup:
I like it with shadowline.

Satin aluminum is available only with the full-on individual, looks like.

You could add satin window trim for about $1100 in parts plus trim shop labor, and possibly get a few hundred for the takeoff shadowline parts.

I'd like to see some good pictures of satin aluminum. It might look very nice with Champagne Quartz.
Wow, I hate to pay extra for metallic paint but I'll gladly pay for this. It is available for m-sport on the configurator.

Here are some better pictures on an m5
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