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Initial Post... HI,

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My initial post…. Well…Hi.

I wanted to tell all about how pleased I am to own this car. Up until owning this car, I was totally committed to owning Volvos. I drove Volvos for 24 years and I drove the four I owned, each over 250,000 miles each. And while I loved, the turning radius and seating comfort of the 745 TGA wagon and 745 GLEs, I have to say, this 325i Bimmer is awesome.

I bought a preowned (1 year) certified BMW in 2007. I now have 63000 miles on it and have had essentially no problems with this vehicle. I thought the Volvos handled well..and as such, I was totally ignorant on true road handling performance.

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got some ways to go till you hit 250 :)
yeppers...but ...if the Bimmer is as well made as I hope it is (GERMAN ENG'G KNOWHOW) i think it will make it.
I intend to least another car in a few years, for ME ...and me only. (am being selfish i know..but i worked 40 years and did 3 man years 24/7 on the highway commuting)...the leased one is for me...LOL... I want to get a Z4 convertivle. I know its more expensive to lease vs buy, but leasing will allow me to get a new car every 3 years and not have to deal with the ownership problems when things break.

Welcome! I know what you mean about thinking you know about cars that handle well until you get your 3 series. I had a Honda prelude with 4 wheel steering that was quite nimble. However, it wasn't the total package like my 328 that followed.

Also noticed that you were a coastie. Thanks for your service.
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