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As the header says, my OBC is now showing an average mpg of approx 34mpg as opposed to approx 41mpg 2 months ago.
My mileage and driving style hasn't changed.
Before you suggest doing a real mpg test via how much I pump into the tank, for reasons I do not wish to elaborate on here, I cannot accurately determine how much diesel I put into my car.

However, I do have INPA and have logged all the values from all four analog value sets and called up my errors of which there were 3.
13573 (glow device)
1028 (EGR control) my EGR is dis-connected btw
5651 (Rough idle speed control)

I cleared these errors and re-started INPA and my car...The errors did not re-appear

The only '!' I got intermittently from INPA during live data test was in analog 3 ,' P- amount of PL ideal speed control mm^3' (whatever that is) with an intermittent reading of -0.24 at idle and -49 @ 2100rpm.

So, any INPA experts out there who can help? or other suggestions will be appreciated.

I have all of the other values logged and if anyone requests any values, I will gladly post them here.
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