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Inpa & tis

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:dunno:Hey everyone, I know this has been talked about before but all of the links made available on the forums are outdated and no longer work.

I bought some cables and some software from EBay recently and the software portion is not working... Anyone know where I can download a copy of INPA (latest version compatible) & TIS? NCSexpert, Winkpf & Tool32 were also included but I'm not certain if I need those for anything. My main reason for getting these programs is for diagnostic work for faults or errors that I may get in the future and also battery registration. I have been driving around for about a year without registering my battery (I know, it's stupid). Since I haven't registered my battery, my ASK unit is acting up and my Logic7 amp is also spazzing out. I'm assuming this all happened because of the battery not being registered (Just a guess, could be reaching).

Anyone know where I can download these programs along with some type of instructions on how to install the software correctly on my laptop.

I have a Dell laptop; semi older. Running Windows XP Professional with the OBD2 to USB wire.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have a CEL on right now with an emmissions fault and my passenger side airbag fault. My registration was up in August and I can't even get the car smogged because of the CEL :dunno:

Thanks as always ladies and gents.
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Thank you my good sir:thumbup::roundel:
Any working Links??

Can anyone give me a link for a working copy of BMW Tools? I heard that 2.12 is only in German (unless you know a work around). Any working copy would be greatly appreciated. I'm worried about getting pulled over with no tags, cuz I still need to smog my car and the CEL is on.:bawling:
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