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Hey there everyone!! First of all I'd like to say, "Hi! I'm Mahir, and as you can tell, I'm new to the Bimmerfest forums."

A little about myself...I'm a 4th year pre-med/biology major at the University of Central Florida. I love EDM, video games, discussing current events, and most of all, I've recently become a car enthusiast as of this past year.

Now on the the topic...I'm in the market on buying a new daily driving vehicle, and I've fell in love with the M3 every since I rode in my uncle's '06 M3 Competition Package. I was looking around at local M3s and ran into one that originated in Canada (2009 M3 Base Sedan w/ 21k miles). The CarFax looked good, and nothing seemed off about it. Although looking at the pictures, the speedometer was in KM/H (I know it's got a digital speedo in MPH). What exactly should I need to check out about this vehicle to see if it's fine?

Here in Florida, it's always sunny/cloudy/rainy. We never ever experience snow, and knowing that this vehicle is from Ontario, Canada, would you guys be weary about purchasing a vehicle that came from a country with harsh winter conditions?

Thanks again,

-Mahir :):):)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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