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My E39 has an in-service date of 06 September 2002. I have had the oil changed once (year and a half ago), the brake fluid change clock has been on for six months, and the car has now been driven 35,500km. :eek:

So, we went ahead with Inspection 1, which is usually done at about 52,000km.

My mechanic did it in 45 minutes, and also changed the oil, changed the brake fluid, changed the active-carbon air filters, tightened the fire extinguisher back into place and fixed one of the cupholders.

337 EUR later, I was out the door. :confused:

Of the three BMW's that I have owned, this is the first one to ever reach this milestone (Inspection 1). That must indicate that it is time to trade it in for something else. :eeps:

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