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I was getting my car spec'd for the Buttonwillow driving school and I bought an ECIS intake when I was getting it spec'd. I printed out Hack's instructions from his webpage before I got the intake. With the instruciton provided by ECIS and Hack, I was able to install the intake within 30 minutes without any help, even though my mechanical knowledge is close to zero (I just bought the book "How Cars Work" from Amazon).

There is too much negative energy around the different boards. Most poeple usually don't post positive things that they got from fellow forum members (bimmerfest is the exception). Anyways, Hack, congrats on becoming the moderator, and thank you for the information on your page.

With the successful installation of the intake, I am now fearless and ready to try the stainless steel brake line install... ok who I am kidding. Maybe later. :lmao: :lmao:
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