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hey friends,

I am soon going to be replaceing my clutch throw bering, and i thought while i was at it, i might as well replace the clutch too...I am thinking about getting a "performance clutch"..basically i just want something that is a bit lighter and has some more grabbing power. I have looked on the internet for clutch kits and just the disk too. My question is, what do you guys reccomend for a good clutch, or kit? and I was thinking about just getting the clutch kit for an e36 M3...would that fit on my 99 323iS? from what i can see on sites yes, but just wanted to make sure...from what i can see on sites i can get an M3 peerformance clutch kit for about $1000...good?

keep in mind that its not for track use, just wanted something a bit better quality, any suggestions would help

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