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Hey all,

I may have a new project in mind. I have been receiving tons of messages regarding the paddle-shift retro. A number of them were turned down because their E46s were from MY1999 or early MY2000, and these E46s are not compatible with the new round airbag. I know that a few brave individuals have tried installing the M3 wheel with the new round airbag, but the airbag indicator just won't go away.

This new project may let this group of E46 owners keep their 3-spoke sport wheel (with the triangular airbag) AND still be able to paddle-shift. Of course, all existing radio, phone, cruise control will still work. The only downside is that owners won't *enjoy* the thicker rim of the M3 SMG wheel. And no, I am not using cheap rocker switches from the shack.

I suspect that the cost will be less since one does not need to buy a new round airbag and a new SMG wheel.

If interested, email or PM me. Likewise, those from LA have priority. I will also need one of those old sport wheel to work on. :)
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